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Norwich Fitness Center’s promotion and sponsorship opportunities are available in order to have your logo/brand viewed by a large audience.

Bronze Sponsorship: $250

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Gold Sponsorship: $1000

Your logo on the back of the upcoming 4 in-house events! Along with your logo on a group banner hung in-front of our members all year round!

Red White & Blue Sponsorship: $2000

-Individual banner in facility all year 5×2

-1 year sponsorship of at-risk Youth Athlete age 13-18.

-10 T-shirts with your individual logo on the front of the chest for the sponsored athlete.

-Logo on the back of upcoming 4 in-House events.

Social media posts of your logo and athlete you sponsor all year round.

Your Logo on our Website as a sponsor of Norwich Fitness Center.

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Norwich Fitness Center

Norwich fitness: Dynamic Duo Competition 2021 Event 4: “Tree Trunks”

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The Chipper

-100 Double DB Squats (50s/35s)

-100 Double DB Step Ups (50s/35s)

-50 Double DB Devils Press (50s/35s)

On 3, 2, 1… go! Partners will start to chipping away at the 100 Double DB squats. One partner works at a time. You can hold the dumbbells either in the Front rack position, on shoulders, or back rack. They must be in contact with some part of the shoulder/trap. Hip crease must break 90 degrees in the decent of the squat, and full extension of the hips and knees must happen at the top of the squat. Partners can break up reps as they see fit.

Once all 100 reps of the Double DB Squats are completed, partners can move on to the 100 Double DB step ups. DBs can be held at the sides or on the shoulders. Partners must step up to full extension at the top of the box, hips and knees fully extended before rep will be counted. Partners must step down off the box. Partners can break up reps as they see fit.

Once all 100 reps of the Double DB step ups are completed, partners can move on to the 50 Double Dumbbell Devils Press. Partners must have dumbbells touch the ground, then chest and thighs touch the ground. They may jump or step up off the floor. It is the individual’s choice to swing the dumbs up over head into full extension of the knees, hips and arms, or they can clean it up to shoulders and press the dumbbells up into full extension. (Strict press, push press or push jerk is acceptable.) The rep counted at the top once full extension is reached.

Time breaker: time 100 step ups are completed.

Score is time all 250 reps are completed, or reps at 15 mins.

Event registration closed.

Date And Time

2021-09-01 @ 06:00 PM to
2022-01-01 @ 08:30 PM

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